Monday, October 22, 2012

Think in Colour

Science has shown that the left and right sides of our brain deal with different aspects of cognitive function. Our left side is our analytical side - we use this part of our brain in reasoning, rationalizing, and thinking objectively. Our right side is emotional, creative, and impulsive in nature.

As we problem-solve challenges in our lives, both sides of our brain work together to evaluate the situation and think through an appropriate solution. Both sides are also active as we learn - if we stimulate both sides of the brain we are better able to internalize concepts, remember them, and actively pursue appropriate practical implementation.

At my seminars, we dispose of traditional pens containing blue or black ink. Instead, participants are required to use coloured markers to take notes and complete worksheets. This simple modification to the learning process encourages the attentive left side and the visual right side of our minds to engage together and focus as much cognitive energy as possible on the concept being presented. The outcome is sometimes startling; participants have experienced an increased ability to comprehend, retain, and capitalize on the material being mastered. Creative thought combines with factual knowledge of business processes, and lively discussions on a variety of issues in the business world surface. Amazing value is added to these seminars as we apply key principles to real-life situations, and it never fails that every participant leaves with new ideas, new ways of considering challenges, and an increased desire to overcome the obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals in business and in life.

If you are unable to make time for my upcoming events, please take the time to change up your writing utensils. Put the plain pens aside and start thinking in colour. See for yourself how seemingly simple changes can bring about amazing results

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