Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FinancialMastery - The Foundation of Business Communication

This morning I sat down with business owners to talk numbers. It's what we do at the FinancialMastery seminar - we explore the framework within which all business activity is reflected, communicated, and manipulated. It is so true - the numbers never lie. And today was a great day. Why? Because every day is a great day to know where you're at and where you're going. That's what the numbers tell you and that's why you need to know them.

We could all effectively stumble our way to profitability in a business. A combination of some hard work, luck, circumstance, and borrowing from someone's deep pockets would keep us going on the path of viable operation for a time. But we could also effectively stumble our way to bankruptcy and ruin. How do we know which path we're on? The numbers tell us.

Business owners are always concerned with the bottom line. After all, we're in this to make money, are we not? So increasing the amount of money in a business owner's pocket is the name of the game. We're not thinking like accountants (who should do a very fine job of ensuring we pay minimal taxes on our pocket cash) or like bankers (who love to see a long list of variable expenses and a short one of fixed costs) or like lawyers (who are masters of variable cost application). We are business owners and we think differently. We are the decision-makers that will bring our company to the realm of success. Reading what your business is trying to communicate to you in the financial statements  is just the beginning - but once you've entered that gate, you will shortly find yourself on the path to abundance. 

Do you have the courage to face exactly where your business stands, make the tough decisions that your numbers insist upon, and distance yourself emotionally from the possible fallout? Are you confident about your company's position, even in the volatile economy in which we find ourselves daily? Have you been listening and responding to what your numbers are telling you? If you hesitated, even for a moment, on any of these questions then it's time to make changes in how you run your business. 

A great group at FinancialMastery today took the initiative to control the outcome of their business activity. What will you do today?

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