Friday, October 5, 2012

Join a Team

Business owners are not unaccustomed to working and standing alone. But at some point we realize that without the support of a great community and the bridges built through working and networking with like-minded individuals, we will never accomplish feats that will change the course of the future for our families and communities. We work together to establish successful municipalities, stabilize economies, and build the foundation of a great future for our children.

When was the last time you attended a networking event and took it to the next level? Did you actually plug in to the community, or were you just there to socialize? How can you be more involved in a great community of forward-thinking business owners? How can you become someone who learns and grows with others in the community to improve your business, achieve your goals, and at the same time promote positive growth and change for the community as well?

At ActionCOACH, we believe we are stronger together than we would ever be alone. We promote connections between individuals, businesses, and teams that can strengthen each other and mutually benefit by association with one another. Participants at our events are encouraged to continue their relationship outside our arena, and help drive each other toward fulfilling the amazing potential they have as individuals and business owners. Join us for one of our events and take the opportunity to meet others who are driven to succeed. Cultivate relationships that will engage you in embracing a future bright with amazing possibilities for our community.

I believe in our community and the business owners that drive our economy. I am pleased to have positive association and participation in the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone, the Lethbridge Fish & Game Association, and the District Council for Lethbridge School District #51. I associate daily with business owners and teams that are interested in claiming a place at the forefront of their industry, taking a commanding lead over all their competitors, and being in a position to step back while well-placed systems and strategies take their business to a whole new level. As their profits and free time increase, they are able to make the move from business owner to investor. And live the lifestyle of freedom and peace of mind that inspired them to start their own business in the first place.

Bridges to Success - a collaborative effort for Lethbridge businesses

Contact me today to join our team, live your dream and leave a legacy to your community.

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