Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be the Powerhouse

Monday was a day of anticipation; countless people had spent weeks fretting over whether the 41-year hold of the Progressive Conservative Party over the government of the province of Alberta, Canada would finally be broken. The Wildrose Party had put up an immense battle, and everyone wondered if it would be enough. The pollsters said it was. But in the end, it wasn't - Premier Alison Redford kept her place.

In an interesting editorial in The Montreal Gazette, the following statement appears:

Redford’s victory signals a potential new era in provincial-federal relations. Alberta is the country’s economic powerhouse. Its petro wealth is the motor driving a westward shift in Canada’s population and economic centre of gravity. What happens in Alberta today matters to the rest of the country in a way that wasn’t the case a couple of decades ago.

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Is your company a powerhouse within your industry? Do you have the mindset to lead your business as it becomes an "economic centre of gravity?" Have you ever been described as a "moving force?"

Alberta is moving toward a bright future. Hundreds of business owners comprise the economic force that is driving our province and our nation towards sustainable success. Join the many that have taken every advantage to step above the rest - talk to an ActionCOACH Business Coach today.


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