Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Accept Mediocrity

“I believe we’re born into greatness, but we’re conditioned into mediocrity.”
            --James Ray

Check out the pic on this page; does it make you think again about accepting something a little less than ideal? Especially of yourself?

If you knew you were born to be something great, why are you choosing to maintain a standard that won't allow you to realize that potential?

As a Business Coach, I inspire my clients to see a grander vision of what their life can be. We work together to ensure that their business is systemized to run without them; they are then free to accomplish all that they want to in life. Their business is no longer their focus; it is the means by which they are able to fulfill their goals and live their dreams.

At ActionCOACH Lethbridge, we believe excellence is the minimum standard. It's the starting point for pushing your business above the crowd and becoming leaders in your chosen industry or field. As we work with you to maximize your business potential, we also work to accomplish our own ActionCOACH vision: world abundance through business re-education. And we mean to achieve just that - not just a living for everyone, but abundance. The world over.

Join the wave of business owners across the world who are transitioning to the bigger picture and a broader vision. Take action by contacting Coach David Green now.

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