Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Quick, powerful, and enlightening - a "blinding flash of the obvious" (BFO) makes us feel instantly more intelligent. And we always wonder why we didn't see it before.

These moments of sudden inspiration are priceless - when they happen, take another moment to write down what just came together in your mind. In most cases, your actions or behavior are directly influenced by the BFO and you can't afford to forget it.

As a business coach, I see business owners experience BFOs when they change the way they view their business. It's part of my job to assist business owners in repositioning their mindset. Changing their point of reference shifts their perception and reveals aspects of their business that were previously obscured. The old adage that numbers do not lie remains in force; in fact, the right numbers can provide amazing clarity on the reality and success of a business and business owner. Discussing possibilities, probabilities, problems and profits in light of goals, strategy and satisfaction can reveal connections and contingencies not perceived beforehand. They were there; they appeared when we worked together to cross-examine the chassis of business and apply it to a particular endeavour. At ActionCOACH, we work to illuminate these business blind spots.

What was your most recent BFO? What were you doing when the dots suddenly connected? And did you write it down?

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