Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Fear can be one of the most paralyzing influences in our lives. This powerful emotion can override rational thought, habitual behavior, and even virtually subconscious mind processes. Fear can halt us in our tracks, impede further progress, or even prevent us from taking the first step in a new direction.

Can you afford to allow fear to influence your business decisions? Think about the last three major decisions you made; then, honestly examine what inspired you to make those decisions. Were there any emotions involved? Was fear one of them? Think about the past few days or weeks. What decisions have you avoided, procrastinated, or perhaps found a way to escape altogether? Were there any emotions involved? Was fear one of them?

Business owners experience fear. Successful business owners make conscious choices about how much they will allow emotions to influence their decision-making process. They handle their fear (and other emotions) in such a way that will channel the power of these emotions into positive, productive action instead of allowing the emotion to override their mental systems and become an obstacle to their success.

Don't let fear be the reason that you don't take action.

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