Monday, July 9, 2012

Stop Looking for the Magic Bullet

Stop looking for the magic bullet. While they exist, the odds of you obtaining one are about as good as you winning the lottery. Many people are looking for the same get-rich-quick rocket, and someone will get it just like someone will buy the winning ticket. But there is an easier way to become a millionaire - and it has a much higher success rate. It's the path of daily discipline and consistent effort - just like your grandfather said.

Business owners occasionally come to me with the expectation that I will present to them something resembling a magic bullet - a mysterious strategy that will miraculously turn their business from a downhill-sliding money hole to a mammoth, profit-generating giant. Desperation sometimes causes us to put faith in strange places; but hoping for an instant solution to deep business problems can be as fruitless as seeking your fortune for a $10 sitting fee with a would-be psychic. It may offer some hope in the short-term, but will the long-term effects reflect value in your investment? Even if it was only $10? Was that lottery ticket worth its price?

I sincerely believe that you get what you pay for. In business, that means you will see the fruits of your daily discipline and consistent effort when you ensure that this energy is strategically placed, concisely focussed, and continually reinforced. It's my job as a Business Coach to offer professional advice on how your company can better manipulate the chassis of business to increase profits, improve marketability, strengthen teams, and make the most of your time. I'm here to help you adjust the strategies and practices of your organization, to broaden the mindset of you and your team, and engage in a partnership that will bring success and satisfaction to us both. Your success is my success - and I guarantee results. You will get what you pay for.

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