Friday, May 13, 2011

Giving Back

A recent announcement by ActionCOACH outlines a new initiative that will reward veterans for the service they have rendered with the opportunity to join our community and reintegrate into society. This move reinforces one of the 14 Points of Culture that ActionCOACH proudly upholds:

I am an abundant person, I deserve my abundance and I am easily able to both give and receive it. I allow abundance in all areas of my life by respecting my own self worth and that of all others. I am rewarded to the level that I create abundance for others and I accept that abundance only shows up in my life to the level at which I show up.

In a recent conversation with an old friend, we discussed the importance and desirability of "giving back." This particular friend had a series of great opportunities that rewarded him with substantial material wealth and prosperity. Up until this point he had led a good life and was able to achieve many worthwhile goals. But the realization had hit him that it was time to give back. I was impressed as we discussed ways and means to invest in the people and world around us to better the legacy that we would leave one day for others to carry on.

The emphasis that ActionCOACH places on "World Abundance" is one of the many reasons I am proud to be a part of this community. Don't spend all your days picking the roses this world has to offer - plant some of your own. You can experience the joy of giving in no other way.

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