Friday, August 29, 2014

How Effective is Your Workplace Communication?

Problems with workplace communication are regularly regarded as a major organizational issue in employee surveys. Effective communication can be nearly impossible to achieve when organizations don’t focus on improving the quality of workplace conversations.
A global survey has rated workplace miscommunication as the NUMBER ONE cause of workplace inefficiency. While the U.S. leads the way, Canada solidly holds down the #5 spot - Canadian business owners say that better than 1 in 4 business communications are miscommunicated in one way or another. Here are the comparative statistics:
USA 53%
United Kingdom 50%
Australia 46%
Asia 48%
Canada 28%

Source: Organizations That Matter Survey
Translated into dollars and cents, these huge inefficiencies can cost billions.  Don't let the ‘rumor-mill’ and misperceived instructions dominate the conversations within your organization and cause massive inefficiencies. Your staff (and your bottom line) can benefit from learning critical skills for enhanced workplace communication, such as:
  • Learning how to dialogue for clarification
  • Discovering how to set specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time framed goals
  • Recognizing how co-workers see the world and how they interpret information presented to them.
Grab your calculator.  What would a 5% improvement in workplace efficiency do for your bottom line? And a 10% improvement? 
Developing the capacity for effective workplace communication can start today! Contact COACH David now! 
Business Coach David Green
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