Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Steady as She Goes

"Steady as she goes" is an order for a helmsman to keep a ship on its current course. The same term could apply easily to a business that is navigating the dangerous waters of growth, diversification, or generational transition.
Before you plunge your business toward a period of expansion, fundamental change, or operational shift, did you take the time to map your route? Yesterday I had an amazing crew of people at a GrowthCLUB seminar, where we did exactly that. Plotted our course, measured the distance between points, and made sure the goals and steps of the trip were feasible, satisfying, and profitable. We ensured that the next 90 days would be a journey toward success.

Where are you going in the next 90 days?

Furthermore, did you consider how to keep your ship on course? No one can predict life's curveballs - there will inevitably be one or two or many thrown across your path. Personally or professionally, you can expect storms that have the strength to throw you off course. How will you maintain the road we just laid out? How will you keep your focus on the goals you want to achieve? How will you avoid sabotaging your own success?

A business coach is that voice - the one that says "Steady as she goes."

How will your team members buy in to your vision? When the storm comes, will they batten down the hatches or throw in the towel? No captain can man a ship on his own - your key players need to be standing by your side. How will you address their concerns and help them fair the journey?

It's called TeamRICH - a seminar all about communication, team-building, and cooperation.

How will you read your terms of navigation? Business financials and Key Performance Indicators will indicate red flags, rocky areas, failings or strengths. No captain journeys too far without checking his navigation devices; similarly, no business owner can realize success without watching its progress in the books.

That's FinancialMASTERY - a seminar all about business financials. Knowing what they are, what they  mean, what they're telling you, and how you should make decisions based on what they're telling you.

Finally, when you glimpse the lightkeeper's beacon and realize a key strategic goal in your business's success, I hope you will take the time to recognize the value of your hard work and self-discipline. I hope you will realize the valuable contribution of each team member as well as your own strength as a business owner. I hope you will realize the full extent of what you have achieved, how you got there, and why you got there. I hope you will be able to measure the results, quantify them, and know in solid terms where you are and where you have been. And hopefully, where you're going next.
Because your success is my success.
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