Thursday, February 14, 2013

Big Business vs Small Business

Which is easier to coach - a big business or a small business?

The answer is a big business. Hands down.

A big business is led by people that understand they did not achieve their company's size on their own. They had help along the way. They had mentors, experts, consultants, training, business education opportunities, and/or other business knowledge bases that they took advantage of. They are already familiar with the concept of coaching, because they have already used third-party methods to drive the growth they have already experienced. They welcome the opportunity to bring in a trained coach to put their business on a path toward key goals. The Business Coach is there to lead that process and ensure objectives are met, goals are obtained, and success is realized. A big business becomes an even bigger business, using tried and true tactics and a professional overseer.

A small to medium-sized business is often built on the hard work and risk-taking of one or two business owners. It's an enterprise that owes its existence to good ideas, solid product or process management, sufficient financial practices, and some level of effectiveness in marketing. Blood, sweat, tears, time, and money have all been drawn from the owners to make their enterprise a system to supply them with money to live. How does a Business Coach fit in that scheme?

The key element that illuminates the role of a Business Coach for a small or medium-sized business is the need for growth. It's the moment in time when a business owner wants to take steps toward becoming a large business - a solid industry leader. It's that moment when a business owner's dissatisfaction with the state of his enterprise overcomes resistance to change. That is the moment when a Business Coach becomes a key player in that business's success.

But will the dissatisfaction of that moment carry the small business owner through the learning curve ahead? Will that business owner be able to trust and keep up with the foreman they have placed in charge of their business growth to ensure the results they want are obtained? Is that business owner willing and able to shift their mindset to the next level, and take their business to the next level with it? Those are some of the questions a small to medium-sized business owner needs to ask themself.

If it's growth you want, ActionCOACH has the systems and tools to make it happen. Don't procrastinate making the most of what you have. Take action and call me today.

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