Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get Their Attention

It's an anomaly.

It's an anomaly.

Sometimes it's that simple - the success of a marketing tool can stem directly from making people think (or read) twice. Find unique ways to grab attention and generate interest in your product. Irregularity is one of the common denominators for many Facebook status updates, Tweets, and YouTube videos that go viral. The same holds true for television commercials, radio ads, and print media - each have their own strengths and opportunities to powerfully communicate a message.

The next time you intend to place an ad, don't stop at your company name, logo, contact information, and a nice picture. Use the space you've reserved in the most creative, eye-catching way possible. It won't cost any more to have a unique approach than it will to have a completely blank space. But you will see a difference in your return on investment.

Want some feedback on your advertising? Call (403.929.1380) or email me today - before you commit to another round of generic messages. Take action today and see a better bottom line tomorrow.

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