Monday, February 13, 2012

The Real Reward

I get paid money to be a coach. That's probably a good thing since my family does need to eat. But that's not the real reward for what I do.

Every day I have the opportunity to be a part of positive change in businesses, in people's lives, and in the success of families and communities. Here are some of the things I get to see:

1. I see amazing people make changes in the way they do things and experience satisfying results. A business owner that approached me with deep creases of worry in his forehead a few months ago now comes to see me with deep creases from smiling in his cheeks. Life has changed for that man. Together, we found ways to leverage his time, money and resources. His business is running well, and because of that he has more time to enjoy life. I love hearing that my clients have rediscovered spare time. They had the courage to come to me, examine the inner workings of their daily grind, and rearrange priorities, schedules, and time investment. They had the courage to change how they do things, and now they have a greater measure of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. They took back control of their life and they are happy.

2. I see businesses flourish and expand. I had the awesome opportunity last week to attend the grand beginning of a new facility for a business that has grown near and dear to my heart. Watching this company take this big step was an amazing feeling. Strength and success feel good.

3. I see families celebrating their success and good friends taking time to relax and enjoy one another's company. When businesses run well, owners can take more time to do the things that matter most to them. Often this means families spending more time together and friends getting re-acquainted. It's so great to see people putting their time where they want it to be, instead of always rationalizing that their crazy busy business owner life is just the way it is. Businesses run by family members can get complicated with emotional and relationship issues; keeping your business on track will help keep your family life smooth. I've seen families turn around when the pressure of business difficulties is alleviated - it's a wonderful thing to replace bitterness and anger with satisfaction.

4. I see networks of good people drawn together into lasting relationships that make communities strong. When your business is running well, more people are drawn to your products and services. Your network expands as word gets around that you do your job well. More people are willing to give you referrals and more people will want your business cards. As your credibility and reputation grow, people are drawn to you and look to you as a leader. This is how great communities rise - good people working together to build good things. Nothing unifies communities like common goals and common projects. Beyond your business is a larger scope that has lasting influence on a broader scale. Keep your house clean and the whole neighbourhood is better for it (and soon they'll want to know who cuts the grass, and how they can work with you to get the park cleaned up, too).

Nothing is more amazing than watching positive change take place. From the smallest evidences (like a smile that becomes more natural) to the biggest expansions (like a brand new facility), this career is one that offers real rewards.

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