Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making a list

Lists are one of the most effective ways of channelling our thoughts and ideas into a clarified action plan. Itemizing what needs to be obtained, achieved, or eliminated from our energy, time, and attention is key to focussing on the things that matter most.

How many lists have you made in the past couple of weeks? Grocery lists, Christmas shopping lists, to-do lists? Did you make New Year's resolutions?

Let's turn the tables around - how many lists have your name on them? Were you on Santa's good list? How many Twitter lists have you appeared on? How many people have your name on their list of people to call?

Was your company listed as one of the main contributors to your industry or community in 2011? ActionCOACH Lethbridge is making a huge collaborative effort with organizations in our community to raise the economy and buoy up the systems that keep our home great. We're looking to create 1000 new jobs in 2012 and lead the way in making this a banner year for southern Alberta businesses. With guaranteed results, join the growing number of commercial clients that are topping industry lists around the world.

Add us to the top of your list and we'll get you to the top of the list that you've always wanted to be on.

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