Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thanksgiving is the season

While I live in Canada, I have many family members and friends in the United States. That means I spend several weeks talking about Thanksgiving, since these holidays occur in these countries one month apart. My family is currently gearing up for the great Thanksgiving weekend, while down south they are headed straight into Halloween hoopla. It's never a bad thing - there are so many things we should be grateful for, and the longer we give focus to what we already have, the better off we are to achieve goals.

It sounds ironic, I know. But try it out. Take a few minutes to write down at least five things you are truly, honestly thankful for. Maybe it's your spouse. Maybe it's your car. Maybe it's your favourite coffee mug. It doesn't matter to anyone but you - this list is personal and it should include anything that comes to mind that stirs the feelings of thankfulness in your heart. Take as long as you need to get five things down. Then think about where your head and heart were when you began, and where they are now that you've taken some time to consider things that really mean something to you. If nothing is changed, you need to rethink your list. Realizing that we already have some pretty amazing things in our life invokes an emotional response that is essential to a mindset for achieving new goals and ambitions. It all starts with a little humility and gratitude. Start today to make thankfulness a part of every day. Add to your list, create a gratitude journal, or simply stop every time you take a drink to consider something that is truly wonderful in your life. You'll be amazed what this little drop will do to the big pool of everyday emotion and attitude.

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