Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A sale as slick as satin ... and just that comfortable.

Brad Sugars "says a salesperson should be one of the highest paid people in every company, sales is the engine room of your business ... nothing happens until a sale is made ... get focussed on sales and the rest will take care of itself ... time to make a sale ..."

This goes perfectly with an experience I had a couple of weeks ago.  If salespeople were the engine of the business I encountered, then that place is a steam train that nothing can stop.

I was browsing real estate sites for properties located in another country.  I saw some truly beautiful estates, and was pleased with the thorough information and photos that were provided by the website.  But nothing prepared me for the phone call I got that afternoon.

"Mr. David Green?"  I thought I was in for another survey, another sales pitch, another telemarketer.  Instead, I was introduced to the realtor owning the website I had used to look at properties.  He was the epitomy of courtesy and genuine interest as he explained that he was aware of the real estate that I had been searching and would be happy to answer any of my questions.  We talked for a while, and I realized in short order that he knew in meticulous detail exactly which features I had spent the most time examining.  He elaborated on the value of the properties I had looked at by expounding on demographics, conveniences, and the general layout and feel of the surrounding communities.  He had even spoken to the neighbours, and had complete contact information in case I wanted to talk with them personally.  I was impressed.  We talked a little longer, and he explained that he had also contacted and arranged for appointments should I want to visit the various schools that would be available as options for my children, as he had gathered from my browsing habits that family was important to me.  At this point, I have to admit, I would have liked to shake his hand.  A more intuitive, adept and genuinely courteous salesperson I have not met in a long, long time.  Hats off to this man, gentlemen!  He had an effective means of watching and tracking interest in his product, he was well-versed in all the aspects that might interest his consumers, he delivered his information in a smooth, concise, and perceptive manner, and finished it with an impressive plan of action that made the sale as slick as satin and just as comfortable!  This man swims with the sharks of the sales world ... and probably leads a pack.

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